Edit your general primary and secondary marketplace settings.


Marketplace Settings depend on your current subscription tier.

From the Marketplace > Settings page, you can enable options such as Primary Drops and Secondary Marketplace pages.

The Marketplace Settings Location in the CMS

The Marketplace Settings Location in the CMS

Available Marketplace Settings

Available Enterprise Marketplace Settings

Enable or Disable the Primary Drops Page

The Primary Drops page, also referred to as the Primary Marketplace is where your NFTs are initially listed for sale.

Enable or Disable Maintenance Mode

When enabled, you can add a customizable Undergoing Maintenance message to display in your marketplaces. Maintenance Mode is disabled by default.

Default Maintenance Messaging

Default Maintenance Messaging



If you choose to edit the default message, we recommend keeping the existing styling.

Enable Maintenance Mode

  1. In the CMS go to Marketplace > Settings.
  2. Click the Maintenance Mode toggle.
  3. Optional: In the Message field, edit the default content.
  4. Click Save.

Enable or Disable the Secondary Marketplace

The Secondary Marketplace also referred to as the peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace, allows those that have purchased your NFTs to list them for resale within the marketplace. Your customers can also purchase NFTs listed for resale.

Enable or Disable Secondary Marketplace Purchases

You can disable purchases on the secondary marketplace at any time even when the secondary marketplace is enabled.

Custom Domain

When you initially signed up for Gigantik, you were able to create a domain name, for example, However, if you later prefer to choose your own domain, you can set up a Custom Domain to display to your users instead of

Change your Domain

  1. Go to Marketplace > Settings.
  2. Enter your custom domain name in the Custom Domain field.
  3. Click Save.

Email Logo

When you set up email notifications to your users for auctions or giveaways, it will include a logo at the top of the email body. You can choose the logo you want to appear in the email.

The Default Email Logo

The Default Email Logo



If you don't choose a logo, the emails will include the Gigantik logo by default.

Choose your Email Logo

  1. Go to Marketplace > Settings.
  2. Enter a reference URL for your logo.
  3. Click Save.

Marketplace Restrictions

With Marketplace Restrictions, you can restrict all access to your marketplace or restrict purchases. If you enable restrictions, you can add email addresses to an access list of users you want exempt from restrictions. Marketplace Restrictions are disabled by default.

An Empty Marketplace Restrictions List

An Empty Marketplace Restrictions List

Enable Marketplace Restrictions

  1. Go to Marketplace > Settings.
  2. Click the Marketplace Restrictions toggle.
  3. Select a Restriction Type from the dropdown list.
    • Full: Fully restricts access to your entire marketplace.
    • Purchases: Restricts access to purchases only.
  4. Optional: In the Access List field, enter one or more email addresses in a comma-separated list to exempt them from restrictions.
  5. Click Save.