Add your brand assets to your site.

Site Name

Name of the site displayed as the browser tab title.

Branding Images

Add logo images that represent your brand.

Navigation Bar LogoClick to upload a logo image for your site. This displays in the top left corner of the navigation bar. Please verify the file is 1MB or below.
Add Logo To FooterSelect to show the Navigation Bar Logo in the footer.
Browser Tab IconClick to upload a browser tab icon image for your store.
Social Media Icon ImageClick to upload an icon image for linked social media posts.

Image size: 192 x 192px
Social Media Preview ImageClick to upload a preview image for linked social media posts.

Image size: 512 x 512px

Branded Copy

Collection NameEnter a custom name for your customer's wallet. This is where NFTs purchased by your customers are held, and can be viewed.
Digital Assets NameEnter a custom name for the digital assets available on your site.
Copyright TextEnter the text for your copyright to be stored in your site's footer.
No Listing Available Display TextText to display when no listings are available in the Primary Drops page.


Navigation Bar Logo URLTakes you to this URL when clicking on the logo in the navigation bar.
Drops NameCustomize your Primary Drops page name in the navigation bar.
Marketplace NameCustomize your Secondary Marketplace name in the navigation bar.

Browser Tab

Browser Tab Title TextEnter a title to display in the browser tab.
Browser Tab Hover TextThis will be the hover text that appears in your browser tab.