Learn how to view and export order reports.


The Orders page provides an easy way to review the details of orders placed on your site. By default, you'll see the 10 most recent purchases on your site.

View Order Details

To view the Orders page, go to Reporting > Orders.

The Orders Location in the CMS

The Orders Location in the CMS

You can see the following order details:

Ord.#Unique number of the order
Image (not titled)Preview image of the NFT sold or redeemed
Listing or Pack NameName of the listing or pack sold or redeemed
DateDate the listing or pack was sold or redeemed
Wallet AddressWallet address of the buyer who purchased or redeemed the NFT
EmailEmail address of the buyer who purchased or redeemed the NFT
TotalPrice of the NFT that was sold (redemptions are free)
Order StatusLatest status of the order, either Processing or Complete

Search and Filter Orders

If you know any of the above details, you can enter them into the Search field to look up a specific order. You can also filter orders by the following time frames:

  • All Time
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last Year

Date Filter

Filtering for a Specific Listing

Additionally, you can quickly view all orders for a distinct listing or pack by clicking the listing or pack name on the orders page.


Unique Listing Order Highlight

Export Order Data

To export your order data as a CSV file, click the Export Order Data button. The CMS will export out your orders with the same fields seen in the Orders table. Once exported, you can then use your desired spreadsheet tool to further refine the data as desired.



If you've filtered your orders by one of the available date ranges, your export will only contain the data for that selected date range.