Specify NFTs to include in a Challenge and motivate collectors with opportunities to earn exclusive rewards.


With Challenges, you can set a target for users to collect a certain amount of NFTs to qualify for a specific reward. Challenges are a great way to engage collectors and gamify your NFT drops.

How Challenges Work

When you create Challenges, collectors can see what challenges are active, ending, or upcoming. Additionally, they can track progress on their My Collection page and see how much time remains to complete a respective Challenge.

Once the Challenge is over, you can download a CSV including the winners’ wallet addresses to distribute the rewards.

Create a Challenge

Creating a Challenge consists of the following steps:

  1. Enter the Challenge Details
  2. Enter the Reward Details
  3. Add NFTs
  4. Create and Launch the Challenge

Step 1: Enter Challenge Details

  1. Go to Utility > Challenges and click New Challenge.
  2. Complete the Challenge Name and Challenge Description fields.
  3. Click or Drag to Add image to upload a supported file type from your computer in the image box.
  4. Complete the date fields. Note that all dates default to midnight of the following day, and the time is localized to your timezone based on your browser’s settings.
    Publish Date: The date the Challenge is visible on the My Collection page
    Start: The date the Challenge begins
    End: The date the Challenge ends
    Timeless: Check this box if you don’t want to designate a start or end time for the challenges.
  5. Select one of the following Challenge Rules:
    • Collector has all selected Listings to win.
    • Collector has some of the selected Listings to win. For example, collectors will need to own the number of the selected NFTs you determine.

Step 2: Enter Reward Details

Enter a Reward Title and Reward Description for your Challenge reward. To send collectors their reward, you can download the winners' wallets and airdrop the reward NFTs.



Rewards V1

To send collectors their reward, you can download the winners' wallets and airdrop the reward NFTs.

Step 3: Choose NFTs for the Challenge

In this section, select the NFTs to include in the Challenge. You can filter NFTs by Series, Badges, or Traits.

The Series filter is set to ALL SERIES by default. You can use this filter to search or select from the NFTs from all of your series or apply the filters you want to refine your selection.


Once you choose your NFTs, you can click the View Selected button to view the NFTs you choose. Then, if you want to add more to the Challenge, click the Choose NFT button.


Step 4: Create and Launch your Challenge

Once you’ve finished setting up your challenge, it’s time to create and launch! To create your Challenge, click the Create button. Next, you’ll see a pop-up asking if you’re sure you want to create this Challenge. Once you’ve confirmed that all of your information is accurate, click Create in the pop-up menu. Challenges begin on the Start date you defined.

Editing your Challenge

You can edit the details of your Challenged before it starts. To view and edit a Challenge, go to Utility > Challenges and click on the Challenge you want to edit.

Rewarding Challenge Winners

To reward Challenge winners, you can download a CSV that includes the winners’ wallet addresses and airdrop the NFT. When the Challenge ends, Gigantik freezes the CSV so no new wallets are added to the file. The CSV file will have the same name as your Challenge.

To download the CSV, go to Utility > Challenges and click Download CSV from the Winners column. The CSV includes the following information:

wallet_idThe wallet addresses of the Challenge winners.
Number_Of_WinnersThe number of collectors who won the challenge.