Airdrops allow you to gift tokens to end-users.


The Airdrop feature enables you to gift tokens to end-users. You can either use a custom list or a selection of users who have previously purchased/claimed an NFT could be captured through the Snapshot feature.

Configure your Airdrop

1. Go to Utility> Airdrops.


2. Click the New Airdrop button.
3. Enter the name of your airdrop in the Airdrop name field.
4. In the Airdrop to section, choose one of the following:

  • Existing Airdrop Choose from any previously performed snapshot
  • Import Custom List to airdrop to a list via a custom CSV.
    5. Add a listing or pack that will be airdropped to the recipient in the NFT/Pack Name field.
    6. Click Next



  • Airdrop name: Choose a descriptive name so it's easy to know the purpose of the airdrop.
  • Import Custom List: We don't support the .xlsx file format at this time.


1. Review your snapshot or custom CSV to ensure you have valid FLOW wallet addresses. Click Next if everything is valid.
2. Confirm the following on the review screen:

  • The main asset of the NFT being airdropped
  • The Listing Name of the NFT being airdropped
  • The total number of recipients being airdropped the listing
    3. Click Create.

Formatting your CSV

To have your CSV process successfully, there should be a maximum of two column headers: "wallet_id" and "email." The email column header is optional.


FLOW wallet addresses

When working with FLOW wallet addresses in the wallet_id column, the FLOW addresses can sometimes be mistaken for scientific notation and reformat on repeated sheet openings. Format your wallet_id column as a textย field in your spreadsheet software to get around this.


Progress Status

The status of airdrops can be reviewed under Products > Airdrops.