Marketplace Overview

Customize your website's template and themes for your brand.


Marketplace features depend on your current subscription tier.


Your marketplace website is a branded experience and a gateway for your customers to participate in the purchase and sale of digital assets. It includes an out-of-the-box website template and themes you can customize for your brand.


Once you’re up and running with Gigantik, your marketplace site provides many useful features. The features available for your marketplace depends on your current subscription tier.

Features may include (based on subscription tier)

  • A primary marketplace where your NFTs are initially listed for sale.
  • A secondary marketplace that allows those who have purchased NFTs to list them for resale.
  • A direct connection to the blockchain
  • A Connect Wallet widget that allows collectors to purchase, sell, and view their NFTs.
  • Wallet support with the Gigantik Wallet.
  • Multiple payment options
  • A unique domain name. Your domain name is based on the Shop URL you entered when signing up with Gigantik. However, you choose your own Custom Domain in Marketplace > Settings.

Customize your Marketplace

Gigantik’s admin portal provides plenty of options for you to customize your marketplace. You can define custom pages and sections throughout the site, upload brand assets, provide naming and copy, schedule hero images, configure detailed styling options, and more!