Gated In Real Life (IRL) Event

Restrict access to a real life event.



Gated IRL Events are currently in beta. Once you create your campaign, you can reach out to [email protected] to finish setting up your event.


With IRL Gated Access Campaigns, you can provide token holders with exclusive access to real-life events and experiences.

How it Works

We work with third-party vendors, such as tokenproof, to set up the token gating solution for your IRL event. Gating an IRL event requires the following steps:

  1. Attendees download an app from one of our third-party vendors to authenticate ownership of their tokens.
  2. From the app, attendees open up a QR code to present at your event for verification.
  3. Lastly, you'll use the app to verify the attendee's QR code to authenticate the token required for access to the event.

Step 1: Add the Campaign Details

  1. Go to Utility > Campaigns and click the Create New button.
  2. Enter a Campaign Name
  3. Optional: Enter a description for your campaign. This description is for your own reference and collectors will not see the description in the Marketplace.
  4. In the Select Campaign section, click the Gate In Real Life Event radio button.
  5. Enter the Start Date and End Date for your campaign. If you don’t want to set an End Date, toggle Timeless.

Step 2: Select Required NFTs

Select the NFTs required for collectors to access your event.



You can only select one type (Listing, Series, or Group) per campaign. If you want to select more than one type, you can create another campaign and run multiple campaigns at once.

  1. Choose whether you want to add NFTs from Listings, Series, or Groups. Note that you can only select one type per campaign.
  2. Click the Add [Listing/Series/Groups] button.
  3. Select the required NFTs you want to add to the campaign.
  4. Click the Add to Campaign button.

Step 3: Save your Campaign


Access Rules

Collectors must own at least one of the required NFTs to access your event. You cannot change the access rule for Gated IRL events.

Once you’ve entered all of your campaign information, you can save your campaign. When you click Save, the CMS displays a pop-up asking you to reach out to [email protected] for the next steps on setting up your event. Click Done to close the window and save your campaign.